MGM brake motors are asynchronous three-phase totally enclosed fan cooled motors. The motors brake in case of power supply failure ensuring further to a precise stop and a quick braking action. the security of a sudden intervention in case of an unintentional power supply failure (f.e. power supply blackout, equipment failure).
The braking action is obtained without axial sliding of the shaft and provides equal braking torque in both directions of rotation. MGM brake motors are specially suitable to be used with lifting and translating machines, tooling machinery, automatic and transfer



machinery in textile, ceramic and packing fields and in all situation where precision and quickness in braking are required, or to cut production cycles in fixed spaces and times. MGM brake motors are planned and built as brake motors; the perfect engineering and assembling combined with a strong and sure brake, make these motors most reliable. On all the complete range the IM B3 execution (feetmounted) has on standard basis integral support feet not attached to the frame; that gives to the motor a notable robustness specially usefull in a brake motor where the stress during starts/stops is very high. The brake disc lining material is asbestos free with an high friction coefficient and a long lifetime.


The motors are supplied with an IP 54 protection degree as standard; class F insultation materials are used. On request higher protection degrees (IP 55 or IP 56) and class H insulation can be supplied to order. All MGM motors are suitable to operate with inverters. On request it is possible to supply the motor with a second shaftend for tachogenerator and/or encoder. MGM brake motors series are: BA, CF, BM.

UL and CSA standards

On request are available brake motors made in conformity with requirements of standards UL 1004 "Electric motors" and CSA C 22.2 No. 100-95 "Motors and generators"
( approval file LR112981 )



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